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Alan and his broken leg part 1

Posted by Alan Hadley on 14th Feb 2014

I just thought I would give anybody who might be interested an account of how I broke my leg and how it's progressing.

The incident happened on the night of Friday 31st of January at my Kickboxing sparring lesson. I'd only joined the club a couple of weeks before after a five year break. The idea was to get a bit fitter as a topup to the normal gym, it never occurred to me that anything would go wrong. With hindsight and with the Spring Fair starting on Sunday, it would have been a really good idea not to have gone that night.

I have to say though, I was on form that night. All of my opponents were fellow black belts, and at least 20 - 30 years younger than me and I was getting good points against them, then, right at the end of the class, somehow I managed to lose my balance and landed awkwardly with a sickening crack that echoed all round the gym. After hopping up two flights of stairs supported by two other club members, I managed to get into a car and was driven to the A&E department at the hospital.

That was a strange experience in itself. No sooner had I got there than I was latched on to by a little Indian fella that I presumed worked at the hospital. He found me a chair and wheeled me around to keep me entertained, offered me drinks, food, sweets, you name it, nothing was too much trouble.

I did think it was a little odd that every time he 'nipped out for a fag break' he'd come back more and more pissed. Then it dawned on me, I realised he was a vagrant and he'd adopted me with a view to, if he looked after me, I'd give him some money at the end. 

His wheelchair driving skills rapidly deteriorated through the night to the extent that he couldn't move the chair without banging my leg into either a wall or other peoples legs; it was agony!

He did have one use though, if I saw any nice looking girls in the waiting room he'd take me over to go and sit by them haha! The only trouble was with one girl who happened to be a Russian bodybuilder, that he sat between us and promptly attempted to chat her up himself, but she was having none of it and tried to ignore him. When he nipped out for a fag break, I think she was so relieved he'd gone, she was glad to talk to me :-)

Seven hours after first arriving at the A&E, I was tucked up in bed with a temporary cast on in one of the rooms that I shared with a bloke who took great delight in farting as loud and as long as he could all night.

Next morning I was shipped off to Sandwell General Hospital where the specialist orthopaedic surgery unit is located.