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Alan and his broken leg part 2

Posted by Alan Hadley on 14th Feb 2014

A bright new day in Sandwell Hospital A&E, how bad could it be? Quite bad actually. X-rays didn't reveal too much damage, however, a CT scan told a different story - a tibial plateau fracture - the nurse said, "You've done a good job of that mate, best one I've ever seen!"

The consultant came highly recommended. He happened to have worked on a friends ankle recently and she assured me I was in the best hands. Only thing is, this was outside his expertise and I needed an even more 'specialist specialist' and there are only about three in the country capable of performing the procedure so, by the time the plates had been ordered and arrived, my operation was booked in for Friday 7th Feb 2014.

I had a couple of dummy runs where I was 'nil by mouth' because they might have got me in a bit sooner but they kept falling through and were cancelled.

The days in the run up to the operation absolutely flew by, entertainment was in abundance all day long with daily jabs in the belly straight after tea to prevent blood clots and four hourly observations checking blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels which happily coincided with just nodding off to get some kip. The daily washing regime was a doddle. I can't believe people bother with nice warm baths and showers when you can just have a rubdown with a bowl of soapy water.

Many thanks to Toni who works in the theatres and who visited me in the early hours at 2:45am, fed me the condemned man's doughnut and made me laugh like a crazed fool, fifteen minutes before the cutoff time for 'nil by mouth'