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Alan and his broken leg part 3

Posted by Alan Hadley on 18th Feb 2014

February 7th 2014 - the day of the operation.

The anaesthetist gave me the option of either a general anaesthetic or a safer epidural injection into the base of the spine meaning I'd be awake for the procedure. Never had an epidural so I thought I'd give it a try.

All in all, it was a nasty experience getting the injection in. It took two attempts to locate the right area and, as it took effect I nearly threw up but that feeling passed quickly and the whole area from my hips downwards soon went numb as they manipulated me into position to start the procedure.

The operation took about two hours but all I could gather about what was happening was just what I could hear. Lots of hammering and drilling was taking place and I seem to remember nodding off at one stage, which helped to pass the time a bit :-)

Back on the ward, the feeling soon began to return to my legs. It was a bit like a scene from Kill Bill where the bride escapes from hospital after waking up from a coma and spends hours willing her toes to wiggle. I was also a bit worried about what might have happened without having control of my bodily functions, but all was ok luckily :-)

I was surprised at how painful my leg was for the first night. There didn't seem to be any position that I could get into that made it even comfortable. The pain relief drug runs every four hours became an event to look forward to but, after the first night, it all settled down and became bearable.

Three days later I was ready for discharge, bundled into the back of my sister's car and packed off to my Mother's house for the start of my boring convalescence, sitting with my leg raised to keep it from swelling up. Roll on 24th February when I have an appointment to have my stitches out and a caliper fitted instead of a cast that should give me a bit more movement. Yay!