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This fingerprint scanner produces excellent digital results when taking fingerprints from your customers and cuts out the poor quality impressions that can occur with ink impressions.

A worthy time saving tool in a shop environment - just capture the best impression first time, save and done!

Feel free to pop in to the showroom for a demo.


Effective window size: 32.5*32.5

Capture window size: 38mm*38mm

Resolution: 500 DPI (-0.5%~+0.5%)

Image size: 640*640 pixels

Image distortion: ≤1%


OS:Linux, Windows, Android


Rolling fingerprint scanner, with FAP30 size optical sensor, USB interface charging and communication port. A large optical capture area was applied for fingerprint collection. 

It can be used in wide variety of identity authentication systems.


· Faster, Better & Smarter;

· Rapid dry finger capture;

· No need to clean latent fingerprint residue in high-volume situations;

· Open API, easily integrated;

· Low maintenance costs;


Download the scanner software here: 


Installing the software


(Windows) After download, open the 'FPTest' folder and double click on zadig-2.4.exe to run the installation.

The WIN USB Driver should be selected already so just click on 'INSTALL WCID DRIVER' button. After the driver installs, close the ZADIG box.

Go back to the main 'FPTest' folder and open the 'Libs' folder; double click on the 'fptest' application to run the scanner.


Using the scanner.


After opening the scanner application, click the 'OPEN DEVICE' button and ''CAPTURE IMAGE'

Ask your customer to place their finger on the screen and roll it around until you see the best impression; hold that position and click 'SAVE'

Two versions of your fingerprint are saved in the "LIBS' folder as  fp.bmp and fp.raw and overwritten every time a new print is taken.


Handy tip:


Pin the application to your task bar for easy reference.